Monday, January 28, 2008

le..le..lemon meringue - pie oh my!

remember when your grandma used to make meringue pie? mine did - usually chocolate pudding by request, but sometimes lemon...and oh my! what a treat!

this month's daring baker's challenge was a classic - lemon meringue pie, hosted by jen at the canadian baker.

many of us 20-somethings have never made meringue...i have only a few times and what a relief mine turned out swell! this sweet, marshmallowy concoction is something of a lost art. its not often you turn up a friend's house to hear that your friend is making a meringue pie!

lucky for my friend who popped over last night just as i was about to put the pie in the oven. with only my husband and i in the house, the meringue would go south before we would be able to finish it, so i was welcoming anyone that wanted to come by and try this month's challenge. my friend was elated, it turns out this nostalgic pie is her all-time favorite! (don't you love having people excited about your treats!?!)

as you can see from my pictures, i was short on a pie dish. i had just finished making the filling when my husband took over my counter space to make a sandwich. by the time i returned to the kitchen he had a very sour look on his face and insisted that i 'was going to kill him' ....turns out while mid-sandwich-artistry something fell on my pie plate and cracked it! aggghhh! my new pie plate -and i was so excited to use it!

fittingly, when life hands you lemons - you make lemon meringue pie! so, i used my limited resources and made one with a casserole lid and the other, a mini-version, in a ramekin.

despite the dish debacle, i think they were still pretty sweet.

thank you jen for bringing us back to meringue! cha cha cha!

the queen bee


Dolores said...

A casserole dish stands in for a pie plate... *that* is the DB spirit and creativity at work. Great job!

Aparna said...

A pie is a pie, whatever dish it comes in! Its all in the presentation. Yours looks real nice.

Deborah said...

I would have never guessed that that is a lid! Your meringue is so tall and wonderful!

Candace said...

Fabulous meringue... that's what I call mile-high! I can't believe that's a lid... improvisation!

Lis said...

OH MY GOD - now YOU are a Daring Baker!! I'd NEVER EVER think of using a casserole lid.. pure genius!

And your meringue? Can I just say it's simply divine? It looks braided.. SO PRETTY!

Thanks so much for participating! You really did a beautiful job!

Rachel said...

Pie dish or no came out great...I love the spiral look of the meringu! Great!

Lane said...

Ah, husbands! But I couldn't tell your pie was residing in something "else" -- good job.
I laughed when I saw the picture under your blog title. Your meringue resembles a bee hive! :-)
Jane of

The Baker & The Curry Maker said...

Well done! You did a wondeful job!

Gabi said...

Sorry about your pie plate :(
Your meringue is beautiful and inviting! What a great job.
It has that skep look a bit- and since I'm partial to bees- I looove it!

Steph said...

You're meringue looks AMAZING!! It's like a bee hive!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I love your bee hive!! Glad you liked the pie.

my food affair said...

your pie is so beautiful!! your meringue is soo high!! wow!! great job!! =P

Sheltie Girl said...

I'm so sorry your pie plate broke, but what a lovely serving dish a casserole lid makes. Your pie looks simply beautiful.

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

Mer said...

Nice job! It looks great.

Jade said...

What a lovely pie! Had I known, I would have been on your doorstep! ;)

Claire said...

How creative! Great job. I love the swirls of your meringue!

Jj said...

Wow, that's a dandy alright! My mom always made lemon meringue pie and it was always SOOO good. I have from time to time but confess the custard part has made me procrastinate on too many occasions. Think I'll have to at least make one this summer now that you reminded me what a treat it is! It's worth the work. :)

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