Friday, December 21, 2007

Big Ol' Log O' Yule

merry holidays ya'll!

ok, i have just completed the daring baker's holiday challenge - the yule log! This month's hostesses were Ivonne @ Cream Puffs In Venice and Lis at La Mia Cucina.
this was my first daring baker's challenge and everything went according to plan, i just wish i would have allowed more time to experiment with the presentation. unfortunately, i left it to the last minute and we're getting read to head out of town on holiday, so i was a bit rushed. all in all i think it went pretty well, considering!

i've made a buche de noele once before- however, i was in culinary school under strict guidance and an unlimited budget...oh and did i mention all of our materials were provided (no trip (s) to the grocery store/restaurant supply store necessary)...never mind that i forgot to pick up some butter when i was out (in my holiday shopping trance!) and was one stick short, hence the runny buttercream...oops! i am only human and tried to compensate with overly stiff egg whites- not bad, i think!

anywhoo...thanks to the hostesses this month and to all the bloggers of the 'daring bakers' neighbors greatly appreciated my involvement in this exercise as the yule log was their door prize for stopping over this evening! (it was in fact yummy - i tried a bit before they left!)....i look forward to next months challenge!

merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

the bee hive