Monday, January 28, 2008

le..le..lemon meringue - pie oh my!

remember when your grandma used to make meringue pie? mine did - usually chocolate pudding by request, but sometimes lemon...and oh my! what a treat!

this month's daring baker's challenge was a classic - lemon meringue pie, hosted by jen at the canadian baker.

many of us 20-somethings have never made meringue...i have only a few times and what a relief mine turned out swell! this sweet, marshmallowy concoction is something of a lost art. its not often you turn up a friend's house to hear that your friend is making a meringue pie!

lucky for my friend who popped over last night just as i was about to put the pie in the oven. with only my husband and i in the house, the meringue would go south before we would be able to finish it, so i was welcoming anyone that wanted to come by and try this month's challenge. my friend was elated, it turns out this nostalgic pie is her all-time favorite! (don't you love having people excited about your treats!?!)

as you can see from my pictures, i was short on a pie dish. i had just finished making the filling when my husband took over my counter space to make a sandwich. by the time i returned to the kitchen he had a very sour look on his face and insisted that i 'was going to kill him' ....turns out while mid-sandwich-artistry something fell on my pie plate and cracked it! aggghhh! my new pie plate -and i was so excited to use it!

fittingly, when life hands you lemons - you make lemon meringue pie! so, i used my limited resources and made one with a casserole lid and the other, a mini-version, in a ramekin.

despite the dish debacle, i think they were still pretty sweet.

thank you jen for bringing us back to meringue! cha cha cha!

the queen bee

Thursday, January 17, 2008 austin

hi ladies and gents,
this is a great resource for our fair city. the authors of the books wrote about 18 cities nationwide and we were lucky enough to have them choose austin as a city to spotlight! this includes the best eating and shopping in town... great for out-of-towners.
i'm going to put a copy in our guest room for visitors. gone are the days of trying to think of the best places to suggest while we're at work! the job has already been done!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


as i mentioned in my last post, i was really running low on time right before the holidays. i wanted to post about one of the best gifts i was getting ready to give to my mom for christmas.

i got my inspiration from heidi of 101 Cookbooks when she wrote about creating your own personal cookbook. allows you to do just that! so i have been collecting all of my mom's recipes that my siblings and i all remember from when we were growing up and the recipes that we now all love and use at home when we cook for our families. over the past couple years we have all called my mom looking for that special recipe that is always a hit at a party or when we are having a bad day and we want something warm and familiar. my mom's recipes hold such great memories and remind me of when things seemed so simple.

my favorite part of this experience is going through mom's old recipe box. most modern day moms and cooks alike have cookbooks, maybe a few reprints of some classics like 'the new basics' or 'joy of cooking'. it's rare to find a recipe box now that everything is done on the computers. recipe boxes are history, they bring us back to a time when lard, canned meats and pure processed sugar where standard. jell-o was a staple in every pantry. we didn't know that eating a meal made entirely out of canned goods probably wasn't as healthy as we thought.

the only thing that trumped my mom's recipe box was my grandmother's! dishes like 'little logs' where you wrap cocktail franks in bread and mustard butter, or another favorite i ran across called 'cock' (that should be enough to deter anyone!) which is made with ground beef, vermouth, redwine, salt, butter, brown sugar and rum. woweee! yuk! i can't believe people actually served such things at parties, much less in the privacy of their own homes.

if anyone out there has hilarious recipes that time has forgot...please, oh please...send them my way!