Monday, November 12, 2007

Yay! Beaujolais Day!

every year the 3rd thursday of november is the day that the Beaujolais Noveau is released...and that time is upon us again!

what a great idea for a party! especially for those of us out there that maybe only realize all too late that the open bottle on the bar has already turned to vinegar. you don't have to be a serious wine expert to host this tasting and appreciate what the Beaujolais has to offer, although - even a sommelier looks forward to november to try these baby wines!

if you don't feel comfortable hosting a wine party...have a fun night out at a local wine bar, i'm sure they will be boasting this week's new import!

for those of you that haven't had the pleasure of trying these light, fun wines, go down to your local wine shop and pick up a few bottles. they are very reasonably priced and meant to drink right away. the grapes were just hand picked in september! there are several interesting facts about the Beaujolais, if you would like to read here.

Friday, November 9, 2007

what's in your fridge?

i stumbled upon this site this morning and thought i'd share. for a foodie, i think the fridge is more snoop-worthy than a medicine cabinet any day! i am always surprised what people eat .... and somewhat relieved to see that the weird stuff that lands in my own fridge isn't all that weird!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm Baaaack

ok, i haven't posted anything in a month. hubby and i went out of town for a wedding and after taking some rather disappointing photos while we were away, i couldn't muster up the courage to show what was to be some pretty pics of some fabulous food! However, I have been working on some material and i am really looking forward to the upcoming holidays and baking challenges!

right now i am planning my thanksgiving menu. i have taken a lot of my inspiration from bon appétit zine this month....there were so many tasty looking recipes! i have also been searching on my favorite blogs for inspiration. i can't wait to reveal what i have up my sleeve.....

for now, i will leave you with a few pics i took while we were away. on our way to lajitas for the wedding, we stopped overnight at the historic gage hotel in marathon, texas. the restaurant at the hotel is café was great - we totally cleaned our plates! we shared the pan roasted char with haricot vert and a wonderful cream sauce and the pan roasted scallops with prosciutto pesto cream. yummm!!!!

after dinner we headed over to the white buffalo bar....i'm pretty sure it's the only bar in the town (which is very tiny) it was great - and (after a few glasses of pinot noir) i have a crush on a big ol' white buffalo! what? like you've never kissed a buffalo?!?

sadly, that was all the good food we had in marathon. we decided to skip the hotel breakfast and venture out. there was a little bakery nearby and after perusing my options, i decided to pass on the fried pies knowing that i would have my fair share of sweets at the wedding, and get a simple piece of zucchini bread. it would have been great i'm sure if it wasn't raw. i was really hungry. oh well. bygones. i was more interested in getting on the road to lajitas anyways. it was a beautiful weekend, with an amazing wedding! i didn't take any pics of our food there.... i kept forgetting my digital camera every time i left the room. i had borrowed a friend's 35mm to take some real film shots!

i do suggest taking the trip out to good ol' west texas and stopping in big bend nat'l park if you have the time! it was a great escape.