Thursday, September 20, 2007

a teaspoon of honey

everyday, i wake up and put the tea kettle on and fumble around until i have managed to make first cup of coffee. same thing everyday. coffee and unsweetened soy milk, occasionally espresso and soy milk. until a few weeks back when i met a charming young fellow at the farmer's market from buena tierra farm in fredonia, texas, selling the most fragrant honey i'd ever tasted. wildflower honey. from that day forward honey has accompanied my coffee. its sweet and smooth and i don't know how i ever went a day with out it. every time i go to do a grocery shop, i try to be a good world citizen and pick some organic, free-trade variety of coffee. it's usually some south american bold, dark roast. at the top of my list so far is a really nice mexican chiapas. i am yet to settle on one favorite, so my huge, gleaming white coffee canister is still empty, waiting to be home the house blend when i finally make up my mind. maybe soon. it's hard to commit with so many choices.anyways, the honey bees....honey is miracle to me. i don't know how those bees do it and am i ever grateful! those little bees busily working away to make the sweetest most delictable treat on earth, reminding me how precious life is. in a way, i guess it reminds me of how we are all on this earth to make the world a sweeter place.bees have always been a symbol to me. they remind me of my grandmother, my mom and there is a familiarity and worldly charm about them.when my grandma passed away, my mom and i went out and bought an antique pin that had a beautiful little bee on it. i wanted my grandma to wear it when she was buried, i thought she would like it. i also picked out a tiara, we both agreed she should should go out in style. when i went to the funeral home to tell the directors that i wanted my grandma to wear the mentioned items, they actually asked me if i "wanted them back?" - "heck, no!" i said "why would i want them back?" then they just looked at me like i was crazy as i walked out the door. no one knew that we buried my grandma with the pin and tiara, it was a comfort to my mom and i that we had done something special for her - and a little funny too. ya!ya!so, here's my first post from the bee hive. i hope to post my favorite recipes and links to great products and occasionally a memory or two.


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